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LOVE my Elite Hybrid Hot Yoga Mat!!
LOVE my Elite Hybrid Hot Yoga Mat!!
I have been using my Elite Hot hybrid yoga mat for about two months and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is a high quality mat and a must have!! Thanks Kulae!!
--Michelle Scharfeld
Review of Elite Mat
Review of Elite Mat
I received one of Kulae's Elite Hot Hybrid yoga mats and finally had the chance to test it out in the hot room. It was super awesome! I am now a complete and total cheater in triangle. Your feet do not move! I am not a big sweater, so I cannot attest to how how much moisture it will hold. It was fine for my amount of sweating. I gave it a quick wash before using it, and I was very impressed with the fact that it has little to no smell, especially the dreaded "plastic/rubber" smell. One thing that never crossed my mind until after camel?....seriously never even thought about it?....rabbit. Whoops. A hand towel would be very helpful here. I didn't even think about not having anything to flip over my feet, and my hands were slipping a lot. So bring a small towel, or as Sean told me, "get tougher."
Your mats are THE BEST
Your mats are THE BEST
Your mats are THE BEST. In my first year of Bikram I went
thru 4 or 5 mats by your competitors and finally ponied up and put
some money into a kulae mat. Beyond worth it. I do yoga every day and
the mat has held up wonderfully. I bought a second one for my
boyfriend and he was so impressed with it I got him to come to yoga
more frequently. Thank you thank you!

--Jess Walters