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Thank you for offering an ecological mat that is excellent in quality and also affordable. The texture of the mat provides excellent grip, with no rubbery smell, and none of that plastic sticky feel of the old PVC mats. We also love the beautiful assortment of colors and the 72-inch length, and our students can rest easy in savasana knowing that these mats are not harming our health or the planet.
--Mohini, Yoga Warehouse, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

...between all three facilities, we have roughly 2,000 visits a day and we are always looking for ways to bring our customers value and generate extra cash flow. Our yoga mat and prop sales went from almost non-existent to a legitimate revenue source as soon as we started displaying your tpECOmats...
--Bill, Sportsclub Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina

Great customer service and love the new yoga mat! Thanks Kulae.
Amazing Elite Hot Hybrid Mat
Amazing Elite Hot Hybrid Mat
I own an Elite Hot Hybrid mat and I absolutely love it! I love how absorbent it is because I use it for heat yoga. I also like the soft cushion feel to it. Hands down best mat I've ever owned!
Eco-friendly duh!
Eco-friendly duh!
I absolutely love kulae products! So cute and easy to transport. However, my favorite part is how friendly you are to the environment! Keep up the amazing work!
I love my hybrid mat!!
I love my hybrid mat!!
My elite hybrid mat is awesome. I had taken my hot yoga mat with me just in case I would need it the first time I used the mat. Didn't need it at all (except to wipe the sweat off my face). Outside of the hot classes, it's great to use in a regular class.