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Blog Articles: Delving Deeper: Meditation Methods, Part One

Posted on 08/01/2016 by Kulae

Part One: Preparation

  • BE GRATEFUL. First, buy yourself a gratitude journal. It doesnít have to be specifically marketed as one, just pick a small notebook in a color and size that appeals to you and leave it on your nightstand. Write in it every night (see our article how to build habits) before bedtime with a list of at least 5 things -- which is significantly less difficult than it may seem -- that you are grateful for that day. Example: I am grateful for my feet which carry me everywhere.
  • GET SET. Settle in to sit or walk slowly while you meditate unless youíre doing a body scan -- if you lie down you might get too relaxed and fall asleep!
    • If youíre seated, keep your rear elevated in relation to your knees. This will help your posture and your focus. Keep your back straight, your chin parallel to the floor, and your core lightly engaged; elsewhere, relax your body where you can.
  • KEEPING TIME. Set an alarm or keep a clock where you can see it with gently opened eyes so you arenít concerned with timekeeping instead of your practice.
  • BE READY TO RETURN. Pick a mudra or mantra! Mudras are hand positions that will help to keep you still and achieve different aims, like grounding yourself or soothing an anxiety. Mantras are little phrases you can say silently to yourself to bring yourself back into the present; it can be anything neutral or positive. If your mind drifts during meditation, bring your focus back to the present moment with one or both of these techniques.

Leave a comment with some other ways you prepare for your meditation practice!

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