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Blog Articles: 5 Best Albums to Play During Your Yoga Practice copy

Posted on 07/25/2016 by Kulae

Here at Kulae we understand the importance of music during a yoga class. The right tunes can help you feel in sync with your body and the universe, but pick the wrong ones and you will inevitably feel less than focused. Here are our top five albums to listen to during your yoga practice.

  1. Anugama- Shamanic Dream 

This album has an almost hypnotic with a very steady heartbeat drum throughout. It’s a bit tribal and very relaxing. Great for meditation!

2. Jens Gads Presents – Le Spa Sonique 

Typically heard in spas, this album is sensual, relaxing and mystical. Some of the funkier beats might not work well during savasana, but overall this is a very sexy album that will have you feeling great during your workout.

3. Snatam Kaur- Prem 

With a smooth, calming voice, Snatam Kaur’s music seems to effortlessly sync with your breathing, making it easy to lose yourself in the mantras. A beautiful album you’ll want to listen to both in the studio and out.

4. Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart 

Krishna Das mixes traditional Indian chants with a distinctive western flair (for example, Sting is featured on two tracks!). This album is great for those who aren’t into traditional “yogi” music.

5. Deva Premal – The Essence

Deva’s voice is so beautiful- warm, sensual and rich. Her music (which she records with her husband, Miten) is hauntingly beautiful. The mantras are hypnotic with a steady, low beat. One of the Kulae family’s favorites!

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