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Eco Yoga Mat | Lightweight Yoga Mat | tpECOmat 3mm
Eco Yoga Mat | Lightweight Yoga Mat | tpECOmat 3mm Eco Yoga Mat | Lightweight Yoga Mat | tpECOmat 3mm Eco Yoga Mat | Lightweight Yoga Mat | tpECOmat 3mm

tpECOmat (3mm)

Price: Can$55.00
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tpECOmat (3mm) Yoga Mat

A portable, eco-friendly yoga mat for studios or travel.

The kulae tpECOmat™ is four inches longer than a standard yoga mat and has been designed with all styles of yoga in mind. Constructed using closed cell technology (so germs, bacteria + odor cannot penetrate the mat surface) and weighing less than 2 pounds, there is no finer or more hygienic lightweight yoga mat on the market today.

Part of the ECO yoga mat series by Kulae, this tpECOmat is our thinnest eco friendly yoga mat. This yoga mat is 3mm thick with a different color on each side giving the user the ability to use either side. Use as a studio mat or a travel yoga mat.

100% Biodegradable | 100% Recyclable | Ultra-Hygienic | PVC- and Latex-Free

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Sku #KU3EM

tpECOmat (3mm) Yoga Mat specifications

• Manufactured using Closed Cell Technology

• 100% Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable yoga mat

• 72" x 24" x 3mm (2 lbs)

• Provides the ultimate stability on hard or soft surfaces

• Eco-friendly, sustainable yoga mat

Use & Care

Storage: tpECOmat should be rolled up and kept in dry area when not being used. Avoid keeping your mat in hot cars/trunks and/or direct sunlight to avoid premature decomposition. 
Wash: Wash your mat after use, using our organic yoga mat cleaner or soap and water. Hang dry. 


I'm in love with my tpECOmat. It outperforms the other brands, weighs less than 2 pounds (so traveling with it is easy), and of course it's biodegradable, recyclable, PVC and Latex-free! -- Chandra S.

I have been using this Kulae tpECOmat for 2.5 years in yoga class 2-3 time a week and LOVE IT! I have the one that is slate (grey) on one side and moss (green) on the other. It's an extremely lightweight mat. I like that it's two-toned, because I can flip the mat when I feel like having a different color, although the slate side is my favorite. The tread patterns makes it nice and grippy and I find the colors very soothing for yoga. This is a biodegradable mat so you cannot leave it out in the sun or it will breakdown. BUT, I do leave it in the back of my car where I have limo tinted windows, and the mat is still perfect. I liked that the mat was biodegradable because those cheap, fake plastic mats just have the worst smell to them. This mat does not have that funky synthetic smell. The Kulae website says that it's "Constructed using closed cell technology (so germs, bacteria + odor cannot penetrate the mat surface)" and I can attest to that because my yoga mat has never smelled! :-) When I look around the room at other people's mats, I still think my Kulae looks the nicest and the cool tread patterns (one side looks like snake tracks) really makes it stand out. They're not just decorative, they really work for grip! This mat is MUCH longer than most standard mats and I LOVE the extra length. I'm 5'5" but I like that my head is never falling off the edge of the mat. If you like a thicker mat, Kulae makes that too, and if you're concerned about Phthalates, their EASYmat is free of those. I am seriously happy with my Kulae tpECOmat and am thinking about buying a second mat just to use at home. -- Lydia M.
Great buy!  

I'm a new yogi and I love this mat already. It's cushy enough for my knobby knees but still grips concrete and wood floors nicely, and is nice and long! Highly recommend it, and the bright green is beautiful and energizing! -- Lindsay
Love my mat!!!!!  

This is one of the best mats I have ever used. As a tall girl, I love that it is long. I have the orange/purple mat and love that I can flip depending on my mood. But the Orange side us my favorite! This mat is so lightweight but very durable! I also love the fact that it is bio degradable too. With other cheaper mats I always had a problem with the mats smelling like chemicals which always seemed to take a while to go away, with this mat didn't have that problem. Thank you for making such a great mat! Namaste! -- Leslie
Great lightweight mat  

Loved my Kulae mat! So lightweight yet supportive and comfortable. The only problem I ever had with it, was it got holes in it after using it in an outdoor yoga practice - any little rock, tree root punctured it. So would not recommend in that environment but it was the best all around mat I ever had! -- Maria

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