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I love my Elite mat. I would never go back to the old mat & towel combination. The Elite, created by Kulae, is so much easier to transport, use, and clean. I have two of them, which I use in my daily practice. I rotate them and wash in the washing machine once a week.
--Ainslie Faust - Exec. Director of Communications for BIKRAM'S YOGA COLLEGE OF INDIA
Elite Hot Hybrid
Elite Hot Hybrid
My Elite Hot Hybrid mat is the most amazing product! I am quite a sweaty yogi and this mat is the only reason I am able to obtain the correct alignment in poses like downward dog. It works wonderfully on its own or stacked on top of another mat for extra cushion.
The Elite Hot Hybrid Yoga Mat Towel
The Elite Hot Hybrid Yoga Mat Towel
OMG, I received this for my birthday, and I Love this Mat! I Love the new lightweight design with the towel combination! I ordered another one for my sister and now we have everyone in my class ordering them, even the Yoga instructor! Thank You for all of your Awesome Products!
--Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

After so many years of yoga practice and years of coaching hot yoga studios on business matters, I finally decided to give hot yoga a serious trial. Turns out I really love it -- and it's helping me heal some injuries. Your towels are perfect for this intensely sweaty style! I ordered a total of eight -- so that my wife and I can have one available every day (she's getting hooked too).
--Alón, The Yoga Business Coach, San Francisco, CA

I wanted to let you know how happy I am to be a part of the Kulae movement.
Your products and customer service is outstanding and I have a warm feeling whenever I step onto my Kulae mat.
Well done I say! Keep it Green.

--Leighia, Tranquil Yoga Abroad

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the quality of your products and the service that you provide.
--Olga, Potentials Yoga Studio, Portland, Oregon